About: According to a tweet length description, “Peter is a male with disdain for the modern world as well the state of politics. While enjoying good discussion, he likes to be contrary.”

A “closet Conservative” on a liberal campus, Peter Heft (b. 1995) is a student of philosophy at Ohio’s Denison University where he mainly focuses his studies on Heideggerian and post-Heideggerian, Nietzschean, and Object-Oriented Ontological thought. His philosophical interests have taken him around the circle of theistic thought, political philosophy, and most recently, ontological realism.

He was a regular contributor to the now defunct RightOn.net where he wrote on topics as diverse as Martin Heidegger’s thoughts on technology to Carl Schmitt’s friend-enemy distinction. His work has also been featured on the Humanist Community of Central Ohio’s blog and Brett Steven’s Amerika

When he’s not reading or writing, Peter enjoys watching a good science fiction film, listening to music, or watching gas prices while making snide and frustrated comments about geopolitics.

Contact: Peter can be contacted a few ways


  • “you can be a major asshole sometimes, but at the end of the day you mean well and youre a smart guy” -anon 2/8/14
  • “Peter Heft is a racist Fuck” (context was an etymological analysis of light/dark and how that’s not racist) – William “Chris” Kelly/Piper Christina Déesse 8/5/14
  • “you’re just singlehandedly perpetuating everything that is wrong with everything literally ever in life ever” – Gina Babinec 4/23/15
  • “your ebook collection sucks (you’re missing a ton of stuff..) and i really want to smother your enthusiasm for anything, it’s completely insufferable, grow the fuck up. also neoreaction is idiotic, which suits you i think. cheers frend.” –anon 7/10/16
  • “Hey Peter, I read a couple of your articles, and I really respect how you’ve managed to keep getting published when each word that escapes your tortured little mind is more cucked up than the next. You claim to be a philosopher as if that title gives you some sort of authority on any topic whatsoever, but in reading what you’ve excreted onto those blogs I’ve found it blindingly obvious that you are nothing more than a mewling and self-loathing little creature for whom I would feel pity were it not for how gleefully you throw around your puny intellectual weight. I am excited to see what pseudo-intellectual response you give to this – it will probably end with “good day :)” or “off to more stimulating pursuits of the mind” or some other pathetic one-liner – and I look forward to not reading another word of yours ever again. My only regret is that others will encounter you in life, and that some of them will unfortunately read what you write. Truly, this will be a loss for humanity.” –Hunter Parker 1/2/17

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