Paper(s) in Progress

Hey all, I know I haven’t posted anything long/of major substance lately, but that is due to me working on two major arguments. First, I am (albeit slowly) working on finishing Part 4 of the [IDEOLOGY IN PROGRESS] series which should be rather hefty. But second, and more pressing, I am writing a paper discussing John Locke’s justification for property acquisition from a flat ontological/critical anthropocentric standpoint. As a taste of what is to come, here is the working thesis:

“John Locke’s view of nature as the common gift of God unto which humans act upon and change in order to create value and ‘property’ is fundamentally rooted in an anthropocentric mindset and a mindset that privileges the human subject placing them above the non-human object. This mentality is a poor model of understanding human/non-human relationships for [x, y, z] reasons *these will be the paragraphs, of course*.”

The latter should be done in the next few weeks and the former should, hopefully, be done not too far after.

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