Hey all, so I just wanted to write a quick update post explaining what I’ve been up to. Apart from recently starting university, I’ve been working on writing part 4 in my [IDEOLOGY IN PROGRESS] series and have determined that, since it makes heavy use of Schmitt’s theory, I should justify Schmitt’s uses of the words “friend” and “enemy”. As such, I am going through his book (The Concept of the Political) and reading it along with Jacques Derrida’s essay Politics of Friendship wherein the latter criticizes the former’s use of the terms and questions the original meaning of the words when they supported by Schmitt via citing Plato’s Republic. 

While doing all this, I am writing an etymological reply to Derrida which, as you can imagine, takes a bit of time. So before I publish anything else, I want to finish this and this will take a bit seeing as I’m sitting in the student union with a copy of Schmitt’s book, Plato’s book, and Derrida’s essay making notes.

Since you all have been so patient with me, here is a panoramic picture of my dorm taken on my phone! (click for full size)


Here are the posters that got kinda cut off:

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